Incorporating Vitamins Into Your Hair Growth Routine

Vitamins and minerals are important parts of any well balanced diet, but they are essential for those suffering from hair loss or slowed hair growth. In some cases, vitamins for hair growth are more effective than topical treatments such as shampoos and lotions. .

In order to understand the impact a vitamin for hair loss has on the health of the scalp, we must understand a little bit about the anatomy of the scalp. It is important to note that hair follicles are living cells, just like the cells found in your skin, organ tissues, and blood. All cells need vitamins and nutrients as a source of food in order to survive. . Other essential vitamins found in the blood include choline and iron.

These essential hair growth vitamins are critically important to the function of your hair follicles. Malfunctioning hair follicles mean decreased and halted hair growth. Protein and amino acids are quite possibly the two most important vitamins your body needs in order to maintain proper hair growth. Amino acids form to make protein, and your hair strands are made of dead protein cells.

It is important to be sure that amino acids are included in the hair loss vitamin you choose, especially if you do not get enough protein in your diet. .There are a number of vitamins that promote hair growth available on the market today. The variety of options makes it difficult to choose. Seek a health care provider for advice on how to determine which supplement will suit your hair care and diet needs. Some women associate prenatal vitamins and hair growth, and find these special formulations to be very beneficial You may find that a multi-vitamin is not necessary, especially if you already eat a healthy diet.

You may find a combination of individual vitamin supplements more suitable to your own needs. .You should never make a dietary change or add another supplement without first seeking medical advice. Speak to your health care provider or a nutritionist to determine which hair loss vitamins are best for incorporation with your unique dietary needs.

Not sure which vitamin supplement is right for you? Consult your physician or nutritionist for help in choosing.

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