Ill Go to the Gym Tomorrow

"Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must be first overcome" -- Samuel Johnson Myth: Being busy is a good excuse to put off going to the gym. Fact: When you put off going to the gym because, "I don't have enough time today . I'll go tomorrow" . almost certainly tomorrow will be just as hectic. Life is full of meetings, deadlines, appointments, dinner parties, grandchildren's school days, e-mail, reports . the list is endless.

If you don't put your foot down and say, "That's it! I'm taking an hour for exercise! Nothing can stop me!" you'll be forever putting it off until tomorrow. ~ Health Waits for No One ~ The problem is . your health, your fitness . they can't wait until you finally make time for them. They'll just silently start deteriorating. One day, you'll look in the mirror and realize you left it a little too long.

You'll be climbing a set of stairs and realize . you're wheezing . you're out of shape! Even worse . all those hectic activities .

all those deadlines you're rushing towards . they're viciously driving your blood pressure up. Every day that you allow excuses to keep you from exercise . that you allow busy to "put it off until tomorrow" . gives that constant enemy - stress - more time to pump up the pressure. You need exercise a lot more than you think.

Some day, soon . the pressure has to be relaxed . or else! ~ Just Do It ~ So . put aside all the emergencies, close your schedule, hold all calls .

go to the gym, take a brisk walk, ride a bicycle. Schedule a time in your day when you will exercise . come Hell or high water! Give yourself a break! A break from stress! ~ Don't Go It Alone ~ Get some support.

Find a gym buddy or a walking partner. Your spouse, at your office, in your circle of friends . find somebody who can partner up with you. Suddenly, you're obliged to exercise. Your partner is counting on you .

you can't let them down. When you have a fitness pal . those excuses don't hold water anymore. "Missing a day won't matter" . "I'm too tired" .

"The weather isn't nice" . they just won't cut it when somebody's counting on you. You'll find yourself making the effort to get out and exercise. And the thing is, when you do . you'll feel so good, you'll wonder why you were going to put it off.

Don't put it off any longer . get out there . move that body. Use it or lose it!.

Kevin Riley is the Powerful Life Guide ... a long-time natural health advocate and the author of the exciting new program "Get Natural! Drop Your Blood Pressure". Start living a powerful life now ... go to

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