Hair Loss Reviews Treatments

There are some many different hair loss products being sold that you may have trouble finding one that is right for you. The many different types that are sold only compound the process of picking a product. Hair loss reviews will help you evaluate a product before you go out and spend your hard-earned money on it. You can find these reviews on the internet or in magazines. We will go over a few of the more common treatments that you will see today. These should be helpful in your fight against hair loss 1.

Rogaine - This particular product can easily be brought over the counter as well as online and is now being made for both men and women. You have two types to choose from known as Regular or Extra Strength. To use this product all you will need to do is apply it to your scalp twice daily.

It may cause slight irritation where it is applied, other than that you will find no side effects. There is one disadvantage with this product, when you stop using it you will find that your hair loss will return. 2.

Finasteride - Also known as Propecia, is more readily used by men. However, in order to use it a doctor will first need to prescribe the medication first. Moreover, although this works for some people this particular treatment will not work for everyone.

There is one big down side to this treatment, especially in men. The big side effect is that you may suffer from erectile dysfunction from using this product. 3. Ketoconazole - This product not only contains the 5 alpha reductase inhibitor but it also contains anti fungal properties. As with the other treatments it will need to be applied to the affected area, also it may be used with other treatments.

Along with the treatments we have mentioned, you will find that there are many natural ways of dealing with hair loss. There are plenty of these natural methods and products that you can try instead of the ones we have mentioned above. The more natural methods and products also do not have any of the side affects that you will find with the products we mentioned previously. As mentioned previously, although all the above products are useful for treating hair loss, reviews of each one should be carefully read and studied.

You should do some research into hair loss reviews. This site, female alopecia is an excellent hair loss resource.

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