From a Nurse Using Coconut Oil as an Effective Acne Treatment

Sometimes one has to resort to alternative, natural, effective treatment methods to get the best cure or solution to their acne, zits and pimple problems. And often it's a better choice, due to less exposure to drugs and chemical-laden acne products. It should always be the first type of treatment to consider when you want to take the best care of your skin. One of the best things I've found to heal acne is extra virgin coconut oil. It works better than acne creams, which are usually chemical-laden products, or acne medicines, whether for babies, teens or adults.

Make sure you're working on eliminating the cause of your acne, which we won't go into here. Extra virgin coconut oil has helped many to help heal their acne. Ultimately, of course, the immune system and body do the healing if you were to do nothing, but coconut oil can speed up the process. The coconut oil actually penetrates the skin and helps the body get rid of the impurities, and therefore acne, while the toxins are expelled from the skin.

The skin should show improvement in a few weeks with continued application. One teenager had used prescription medicines for three to four years for his acne and they didn't work. He tried coconut oil and it cleared up with just a few applications. Some teens and adults find their acne actually worsens for a few days, which is actually the body getting rid of its impurities. Then it completely clears up. By continuing to apply the coconut oil, it helps prevent acne recurrences.

If you also have eczema it'll treat eczema too. And it's better than most eczema products on the market today. Often people find they have both eczema and acne.

You want to make sure you get the extra virgin type of coconut oil that is not refined, bleached or deodorized. You can order it online. And whole food-type markets are now carrying more coconut oil, in pint and quart jars and especially the extra virgin coconut oil.

Get the organic kind if you can. Coconut oil has many benefits; it heals or cures many other skin conditions and skin disorders too, besides making the skin soft and smooth. I use it for everything including as a make-up remover and under my foundation. My skin is always soft, silky, smooth, and free of rashes, bumps, blemishes, blisters, etc. It stops itching and flaking too.

Coconut oil is very inexpensive, therefore, a good, cheap home remedy. Keep it around to treat any other skin problem. It's actually healthy to eat too. It's a plant saturated fat, not an animal saturated fat.

I add two big tablespoons to my smoothies, to help my skin from the inside out, and have been doing so for many years. Although we refer to it as coconut oil, it isn't actually oily until the temperature climbs above 77 degrees. It can be applied when it is oily or non-oily.

For an acne treatment, first apply the extra virgin coconut oil to a small test area. Try it on this test area for a few days. Apply a thin layer of coconut oil and massage it deep into the skin.

You can heat it if you like but you don't have to. Do this every morning. Depending on how severe the acne is, apply it three or four times a day or more and especially at bedtime. Remember the complexion may get worse at first as the body gets rid of the impurities from the skin.

It's important to keep the area moist with coconut oil. You may have to soak a bandage with the oil and apply it loosely to your skin. Also you can expose the area to direct sunlight for 20 minutes or so each day. You'll get your daily dose of vitamin D that way too. Many have used coconut oil as a treatment to cure or heal their acne, including teens, adults and babies too.

It just takes motivation, a willingness to try it, and diligent application of coconut oil several times daily and at bedtime. And you should be able to get rid of your acne, zits and pimples and their symptoms, providing you've removed the cause, so it doesn't reoccur. Continue using coconut oil and the benefits of good, clear skin, free of acne should be your reward.

For more information on coconut oil acne treatment and acne scar treatment, go to Helen Hecker R.N.'s website specializing in acne, pimples and skin disorders with tips, advice and resources for adults, teens and babies, including information on best acne treatments

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