Efficacy of Severe Acne Treatments

Acne may go through several stages starting from mild to severe, and affect a person's life, but severe acne is one of the most delicate stages because of the persistent nature of the acne. A severe acne patient may start feeling much stress and embarrassment, consequently lowering one's self esteem. Severe acne treatments are particularly used to treat extensive skin damage such as deep cysts, scars, and inflammation of the skin. Serious remedies must be applied during long periods of time, even years, before achieving the desired results. It is imperative that you consult a health care professional for guidance when dealing with these treatments. A myriad of severe acne treatments are available on the market.

You will find physical procedures and prescription medications. The most popular treatments used by health care professionals are: 1) Drainage and Surgical Excision 2) Isotretinoin 3) Interlesional Corticosteroid Injection Drainage and surgical excision is also called acne surgery and is among the best severe acne treatments at our disposal today. When large cysts don?t respond to medication, drainage and extraction is used for treatment. Results show drainage and surgical excision being particularly efficient in treating and eliminating cysts.

Drainage and surgical excision should not be practiced as a severe acne treatment by patients. Only properly trained health care professionals should perform this treatment, and always under sterile conditions. Isotretinoin is prescription medication taken in the form of a pill. It is recognized today as being one of the most effective severe acne treatments due to the fact that it is the only medication acting on all factors responsible for acne. This powerful drug is a synthetic retinoid.

Such severe acne treatments consist of taking a pill once or twice a day for sixteen to twenty weeks. It is imperative that you take all the pills as prescribed by your health care professional. Although it might seem okay to stop the pills if your skin has cleared before the end of the prescription, keep in mind that not taking all the necessary pills will put you at risk for a relapse.

Please be advised, while isotretinoin may be considered the best severe acne treatment around, there are numerous side effects which cannot be ignored. Among the side effects of taking this medication is the possibility of affecting a developing foetus, causing severe birth defects. It is recommended you get well informed on the side effects of isotretinoin before opting for this severe acne treatment. Interlesional Corticosteroid Injection is highly recommended by health care professionals.

It is particularly recommended as a severe acne treatment to prevent the formation of acne scars. How does it work? Health care professionals inject a cyst with a diluted corticosteroid. The principle of interlesional corticosteroid injection is to reduce inflammation and help healing before the acne has a chance to burst and form scars. Visible results of this severe acne treatment may be observed within five days of interlesional corticosteroid injections, where you will see your cysts melted away.

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