Do You Think You Are Prey To Depression Take A Self Depression Test And Find Out

We all have our blues and we all know that when we go down, we will also bounce back sooner or later. The normal blues are sometimes triggered by something that someone said, or something that you thought, or something that you feared - and sometimes the blues come really out of the blue, without any explanation, without any warning, rhyme or reason. At these times, the best you can do is hang on in there and wait for the blizzard to wear off.

How Do You Know You Are Suffering From Depression Or Not? Sometimes you are unable to climb out from the pits for a long time; sometimes you climb a little only to slip further back and sometimes you find yourself more in than out. When and how will you know whether you are suffering from depression or not? There are some simple self depression tests that will tell you clearly whether what you are suffering from is depression or just plain blues. This is what you have to look for: 1. Are you feeling totally withdrawn from the regular pleasures of life? This is a very accurate self depression test - try out something that you know is supposed to give extremely pleasure (such as your favorite hobby, your favorite movie, shopping, etc) and if you find that it leaves you unmoved, then this is a sign that this is depression. 2.

Are you forgetting an awful lot of things with no recollection at all even afterwards? Depression causes hiccups in your memory and you will find that certain things are totally wiped out from your memory, leaving you totally baffled. This is another point from the self depression test which gives a very accurate indication. 3.

Do you find that you cannot sleep at all or very little during the night? Check out carefully about why you are not able to sleep at night. Is it because you are drinking coffee or some similar stimulants or do you not really have any logical reasons for it? In case you do not have an answer for it, then the self depression test will give you another clue about your state. 4. Do you find that you have lost your appetite? Sometimes, not wanting to eat or not feeling like eating is normal. However, if you turn nauseous even when you are served with your favorite dish, then the self depression test is confirming depression.

If you have one or more of these questions answered with 'yes' then you are suffering from depression. Get hold of yourself and get professional help!.

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