Children and Toxic Chemicals in the Home

Researched and Written by Brenda Templin Many Melaleuca Marketing Executives have discovered that an effective way to introduce people to Melaleuca products is to make them aware that the products they are currently using may be extremely hazardous and unhealthy. Most people are unaware that there is a problem with typical grocery store brands. Once they are made aware of this problem, they are often open to hearing about safer, healthier alternatives like Melaleuca's EcoSense® Cleaner Product Line.

We have several great publications that should be helpful in making people aware of this problem. Our booklet, written by respected author, Debra Lynn Dadd, focuses on children and toxics. It's entitled Let's Stop Poisoning Our Children! You'll find that parents are often more open to this type of information, and this booklet is written especially for them. "Now we know what we have suspected for years, that toxic chemicals are bringing anguish to thousands of families in this country." -- Larry Silver, M.D.

, President, Learning Disabilities Association of America, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Georgetown University Medical Center This report is not intended to scare, but to educate you so that you can be more selective in choosing products that you bring into your home. It is YOUR responsibility to replace the products in your home with safer products for the protection of your children. It is YOUR responsibility, as you become more informed, to tell your friends, neighbors, and relatives to stop using products that contain dangerous chemicals that are hazardous to both their health and the environment.

We hope that you will take this information as a wake-up call and take the necessary steps to remove the toxins from your home. Your children are at the highest risk. Make your home a safe haven for them by using safe cleaning alternative such as EcoSense® and teach them to do the same so that future generations will be better informed and at less risk. Brenda Templin.

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