Alerting Dogs helpful to Diabetics

Here is awesome news for you if you are too much worried from the rising sugar level of your patients. With lot of research, it's a reality that the ability to detect the fluctuation in blood sugar is there in dogs. As you all know that dogs are known for their abilities to lead blind people, alerting someone who cannot hear & doing daily task for disabled people. The reports of anecdotic advice that alerts are provide by the dogs for hypoglycemia because of their power to smell & whiffing when the sugar level is dropping down. Dogs for Diabetics most commonly use the breed of Labrador retrievers that do not graduate from guide dog training. The reason that they didn't graduate are usually tasks that are important for a working guide dog, such as not wanting to go out into the rain or not stepping onto an escalator.

These non-graduate dogs then undergo a training program that is similar to the program used to train narcotics or explosive sniffing dogs. These two year old canines undergo three to four months of training that teaches them to detect scent samples of low blood sugar levels. They are then taught to detect that same scent on humans and alert people nearby by holding a soft tube, which hangs from around their neck, in their mouth. Many people were in doubt when these detecting dogs were announced few years ago as the glucose sensing machines were coming soon as well. The finding of fact was in the favor of the dogs. Dogs are very sensitive to detect changes in human almost 5 to 45 minutes before and its just because of the odor that they detect.

Dogs are so helpful in warning their owners to take the necessary steps for precautions. Scientists remain unsure about how the dogs are able to sense changes in their human companions. It is believed that the dogs are reacting to scents created by chemical changes related to glucose imbalance, but no one knows exactly which chemicals cause the scent.

Despite this scientific uncertainty, hypoglycemia alert dogs have provided a great sense of relief to people with diabetes and their families, including parents of young children with diabetes and adults whose history of hypoglycemic episodes made it difficult or even dangerous to live alone. If we count the number of children & adults having in diabetes in United States, you will be surprised to see the number rising over 20 million. The patients having this disease are actually not producing enough insulin in the body just because of the pancreas and the insulin hormone is actually required to break the different ingredients of our diet like sugar , starch in energy. Patients with diabetes should check their sugar level on a regular basis and sometimes in the mid of the night to avoid the failure of organs which can be caused by a high level. There is a ninety percent accuracy level for the dogs that have completed training successfully. Due to either mechanical malfunction or other problems interfering with the accuracy of the glucose sensors, more and more diabetics are expressing interest in these specially trained companions.

There is still many mysteries surrounding what these dogs are actually sensing when a person's glucose level drops. Research is ongoing to find out whether dogs are able to reliably detect dangerous drops in glucose levels in the blood. The hope is to find out exactly what the dogs are sensing, then officially recognize and train them to perform as an early warning system for their diabetic companions.

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