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Have you chosen one or more aerobic activities from the given list? Whichever you pick, you can rest assured that it will be extremely effective. Just follow the score sheet given at the end of this article.To summarise: Per week, you need to score: 60 runs for exercising, 30 runs for sensible eating, 5 runs for not smoking and another 5 runs for drinking zero to two pegs of alcohol per day. The total score per week is an unbeatable 100 runs - a century. It means that on a daily basis, you need to score: 12 runs for exercising, 6 runs for eating sensibly, 1 run for not smoking and i run for drinking zero to two pegs of alcohol.

The run-system gives you the scope to vary your routine as long as you reach the 60 aerobic score every week. However, that does not mean you can avoid it for six days and exercise frenetically on the seventh day to make up for your laxity. That would be self-defeating as you will overwork your muscles and reduce their efficiency as fat­burners. You will also get sore muscles and not be able to exercise for at least seven to 10 days until the stiffness goes away.

The best way is to pace your exercises every alternate day. For e.g.

, work out on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Monday in the first week. Then, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, the second week. Begin on Saturday in the third week and so on. Taking Saturday and Sunday off will not give you the optimum aerobic benefits. Anything more than 60 aerobic runs is a bonus. It is a nice insurance to have in your corner in case you have been occasionally tempted into eating a little more fat or sweet than you should.

At the end of 15 weeks, if you are not 'scoring 60 runs per week, it means your cardiovascular system is not getting its quota of aerobic training. But do not give up. Remember, you have come farther on the fitness track than when you were sedentary. Do not slip back now.

Strive for those 60 runs, A conditioned body is a good foundation. Do not lose it. Rev up your exercising cycle! The best eating score is 6 runs per day. Too much variation on the fats and sugar front will not help you to lose weight and maintain the fat loss. If you have let yourself go once too often, don't waste your emotions by feeling guilty about it. Guilt has a strange reaction.

Instead of compensating, you tend to feel defiant and eat more of the wrong food. Just get back into your fitness lifestyle and continue to exercise. Here, it is the vigorous and steady that win the race! If on a day you have eaten even one tiny piece of chocolate or bitten into a buttered toast, smoked a cigarette or taken one extra peg of alcohol, award yourself with zero runs. We haven't graded these activities, since to compute these variables is pretty near impossible.

In any case, there is no room for compromise in these areas. This fitness lifestyle gives you two days off every week. Don't take them together - at least not in the initial stages. If your motivation is a little shaky, you could end up taking the third and fourth day off too, Even if you do, don't give up on it. Pick up the threads on the fifth or sixth day.

Just keep going. As you get fitter, your motivation level will zoom There may come a time when you feel your day is not complete until you have exercised. There is nothing wrong with working out all seven days. It's a heatthy addiction.

But if there is a conflict between, your body and mind, where your body a certain tiredness while your mind urges you to exercise, listen to your body. But train yourself to differentiate between tiredness and pure laziness! The speed and time as given in the score sheets for each activity are synchronised to raise your pulse rate to the aerobic target zone. However, if you wish to confirm it, after your workout, check your pulse rate. If you are say, 40 years old, is it somewhere between 126 and 153 beats per minute? If it is, you have hit the aerobic target. If it isn't, increase your speed the next day.

Remember, the formula for reaching the target zone? It is: 220 minus your age = x 70 to 85% of x = your aerobic target zone (pulse beats per minute). By now, you must have understood how you can score runs. To demonstrate: if you decide to walk, this is how you will earn your weekly 60 aerobic runs and the remaining 40 to add up to a century.

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