Acid reflux foods to avoid the three big ones

Acid reflux foods to avoid can be very simple or more complicated, depending on the results you want. If you're looking to never have acid reflux again then you've got a bit more work to do than the person who wants to lessen his heartburn. I've made a simple list to help you get started: Acid reflux foods to avoid include any food with a lot of fat. Fat takes more work to digest and in gastric terms, digestion means acid.

Simply, the more fat there is in the food your digesting the more stomach acid you need to digest it. Too much stomach acid is what you don't want, in case you missed sixth grade health. Other acid reflux foods to avoid are fruits that are high in citrus.

The most common are tomatoes, lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits. You should still eat healthy fruit, just be aware of which fruit leads to acid reflux. Don't exclude drinks either. Your intake of coffee and alcohol should be controlled. I know how bothersome coffee addiction can be.

I also know how painful acid reflux can be. You have to judge how much coffee you should let yourself drink. The obvious acid reflux foods to avoid are spicy snacks or meals. It doesn't take a lot of spice to cause acid reflux so be very careful to watch how much you eat.

Sometimes you may find yourself in situations where you have to eat spicy food. When that happens at least try eating less, or better yet, have good acid reflux remedies available to you. These are just some acid reflux foods to avoid. There are also foods that will relieve your acid reflux and there are actions you can take to prevent it completely. While you should know what acid reflux foods to avoid, you shouldn't assume all your indigestion problems will be solved reading lists like these. The best thing you can do is get informed about acid reflux and the many ways to prevent it.

Knowing which acid reflux foods to avoid will help you. Any knowledge is good, but as far as curing acid reflux goes, that is just a start. You can naturally cure acid reflux faster than you ever imagined. click here and you'll learn what you need or

Acid Reflux

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